Millennials are redefining leisure weekends with club memberships within the city

If we look at the entire generation, X, Y, etc., millennials stand out. They are usually born with money, have had greater exposure to the world, are globetrotters and are always connected. They place greater emphasis on experiences than on material property. Therefore, they are a different set of customers with different preferences and demands

Millennials currently face the challenge regarding free time available due to a number of factors, including an active presence in virtual social networks, ambitious professional activities and an equally busy list of social commitments.

While ubiquitous smartphones have a key role to play in the modern lifestyle, the search for a real world, digital detox free time is also becoming equally vital for them. Simultaneously, if a destination can be easily accessible, it can combine quality social and family time and offer a variety of activities under the same roof, it would be a blessing! To address this, several private clubs with top quality services and leisure activities are intensifying the game and are becoming popular among this generation of professionals.

Clubs attract millennials, as they are a one-stop shop for all of their entertainment and experience needs near their surroundings, which can also involve their family and friends.