A quick look at some current wedding trends

Destination weddings of the year: organizing weddings in picturesque places was a trend that devastated the entire segment and became a fad among the couples of the new era: working millennials. The most popular wedding destinations include beaches, especially in Goa. Among the mountainous places, the cities of northern India, including Shimla, Dehradun and Mussoorie, were the most popular options. For elaborate destination weddings that exhibit the charm of the old world, the forts in Udaipur and Jaipur proved to be the main consumer choice.

How millenary couples capture moments: in addition, to add an additional push factor to their wedding celebrations, services such as photography, videography and makeup emerged as the most demanded by Indian couples to be married. Among photographic trends, pre-wedding shoots, candid and traditional shots increased this year.

Bride in command: Contrary to traditional times, today the bride is primarily responsible for making decisions with a dominant opinion on the aesthetic requirements of her wedding, such as decoration, stage requirements, etc. Interestingly, the decoration of the pastel theme was a hot trend in 2019, with most couples opting for subtle tones instead of the more traditional color schemes. It is known that Indian weddings are a week-long affair, with several elaborate pre-wedding functions. In 2019, Mehendi's traditional function topped the charts as the most celebrated pre-wedding ceremony, closely followed by haldi (including chuda), sangeet and cocktails.

Contributions of Sandeep Lodha, CEO, Weddingz.in