Tips for decorating a small space

No, you don't have to make the binary choice between space and style. A small space does not necessarily mean having to sacrifice the latter. With a couple of practical tricks, you can easily search to add depth and dimension to your rooms, regardless of the square footage they are in. Here, we list your best tips to optimize the space you have to make it look bigger:

1. Choose furniture with additional storage solutions to avoid cramming the space you have. Look for outstanding designs that you can add to the room decoration signature.

2. Go bold with a decorative wall or opt for prints on soft furniture with bright patterns and textures mixed with neutrals.

3. Give it a natural touch by bringing some fresh plants and flowers to life so that a small space looks more lively.

4. Use the corners of the room in a creative way by adding a decorative piece or with an unconventional shelf on the wall. Since you have a limited amount of horizontal space to work, take advantage of vertical space by adding large illustrations.

5. And finally, let natural light through transparent and floating curtains that can open the space and a windy atmosphere to the room.

Contributions of Puja Pusalkar, Creative Head, Portico New York