Aniket Chattopadhyay will begin filming for Subhasini's biopic soon

With the announcement of Subhasini Mistry biopic, Dev He had shown that, as a producer, he is not only looking at commercial success, but is very aware of his social responsibilities. We already know Aniket Chattopadhyay He will direct the next biographical film. The project was stuck in limbo for quite some time. The cast has not yet been finalized. But it seems that the camera will finally turn on. Aniket in a recent Facebook The publication confirmed that he is interested in completing the biographical film in 2020.

For the unintended, Subhasini Mistry was only 23 when she lost her husband, not to any disease but unfortunately to poverty. With 4 children to look after, she literally toiled for almost 20 years as a housemaid, a manual labourer and even a vegetable-seller.

Now at 70, Subhasini Mistry lives with great satisfaction as she sees the two-storied building, her only dream to make a hospital for the poor, all of these happened because she once didn't had the money for proper medical treatment to save her husband