Beyhadh Update December 2, 31: Rishi sees Rudra and Maya together

The episode of Beyhadh 2 starts with Rudra Wondering why Maya doesn't stop seeing him. He confuses his office staff with Maya and asks him to stop appearing in front of his eyes and also asks him to tie his hair.

Rudra asks Maya what has happened to her suddenly that she changed completely. He refers to her cartoon and asks what made her accept darkness. He tells Maya that he has seen her being surprised for the first time. Maya says that for the first time somebody has understood this character.

Maya reveals that she would believe in all kinds of romantic fairy tales and her blind trust in love, but her lover betrayed her. Maya goes on to say that the character had no idea that her blue prince was an animal, that it was in her life to completely destroy her and eliminate the word love.

Rudra says that this isn't any character but a real person and Maya knows about it. Maya agrees and says that girl has died and she killed her. Maya tells Rudra that these are the qualities of a good writer that he/she starts living that character.

She tells Rudra to not try and find Maya in that character or else he will get lost in that puzzle. He says that another prince charming will come in her life and bring the smile back. Maya questions Rudra if he will ever be able to love somebody else. He defends himself and says that he's talking about the character.

Maya gets a call from Rishi where the latter asks her to find a job for him in the same office as hers. Rudra enters the room and the door gets locked from outside. Maya and he are inside the room where she asks him that something has changed.

Ananya sees them together and Rishi enters the room who tells him that he had come in search of a job here but his brother is busy in another job of his own. He sees Maya with Rudra and passes comments on her. Rudra reveals to Rishi about Maya. Rishi is upset about everything.