Four dead after the Indonesian capital affected by floods

JAKARTA: Four people died as Indonesia Floods hit the capital, a disaster agency official said Wednesday, while local media reported that landslides caused by torrential rain killed several more residents.

Electricity went out in hundreds of waterlogged neighborhoods Jakarta , home of about 30 million, with some train lines and one of the city's airports also closed.

A 16-year-old was electrocuted by a power line, while three more people died of , said Jakarta disaster management agency head Subejo.

We're hoping that the floodwaters will recede, but if the rain keeps up it'll continue, said the official, who like many Indonesia ns goes by one name.

Among the victims was an elderly couple trapped inside their home in a district where flood waters reached up to four meters (13 feet) after a river broke out on its banks.

Local media reports said three more people were killed after the downpour on Tuesday night caused landslides in Cinere, at the southern end of the city.

Those deaths could not be confirmed immediately, and police said they were still investigating.

We have turned off the electricity (in many areas) to prevent further electric shock, Ikhsan Asaad, an official with the state-owned firm PLN, told AFP.

Asaad said he could not estimate how many residents had been affected by the blackout.

We are currently focusing on taking measures to ensure the safety of people, he added.

The images of the entire region showed houses flooded with water and cars submerged in muddy waters, while some people paddled in small rubber lifeboats or tire chambers to move around.

The flights were canceled in, which handles commercial and military aircraft, due to severe flooding in their runways, according to the ministry of transport.

Many flights were transferred to Jakarta 's main Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Jakarta is regularly hit by flooding during Indonesia 's rainy season, which started in late November.