Choti Sardarni Update, December 31: Harleen selects Sarab by shares; family celebrates

The episode of Choti Sardarni starts with Harleen given a choice to choose between the property and Sarabjit. Harleen goes near the valuables kept in the room but she chooses her brother Sarab over the property. She recalls a childhood memory where a younger Sarab says that his Harleen di will take care of everything.

Sarab and the entire family is very happy. Momsi asks Preeti to prepare chicken and have some celebrations over the reunion of Harleen and Sarab. He is happy that the confusion between Meher and Harleen di is sorted out.

Harleen takes a promise from Sarab that he will never interfere between hers and Meher's fights and talks. He says Meher will keep winning her heart again and again. Momsi and Robby have a conversation over some drinks. She asks him to find out what is going on between Harleen and Meher. Robby says that he as found out the details about Harleen 's phone bill details. He finds a gynecologist's number and emphasizes on finding out the truth.

On the other hand, Harleen tells Meher that she saw her brother is of utmost importance to her. Harleen tells Meher that she wants to see, who will she choose - Param and Sarab or his unborn child. She gives Meher 24 hours to make a decision.