The president of Myanmar calls for the role of people in development

Yangon: Myanmar On Wednesday, the president asked for the participation of people in their tasks of UniĆ³n Paz, building a Federal Democratic Union and development programs.

Speaking on the occasion of the new year 2020, the President expressed his belief that the difficulties and challenges facing the country can be overcome successfully by clinging to truth, justice, honesty and transparency, they reported.

The President said that the government has been making unremitting efforts for the emergence of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Union that guarantees equal rights, peace and development that all ethnic citizens have longed for for so many years.

The government has also been working vigorously with the collective strength of the people, setting firm goals and noble programs for sustainable peace, prosperity and development for a happy and prosperous life for the people, he added.

First Vice President U Myint Swe, in his New Year's message, wished that the country and all ethnic citizens be free from damage, obtain the long-awaited national reconciliation and peace in a short time, as well as build a happy and prosperous state .

Second Vice President U, for his part, urged people to safeguard the interests of the nation, the reputation and integrity of all ethnic citizens.