J&K High Court withdraws notification to fill vacancies of district courts in India

JAMMU: withdrew its advertising notice to fill 33 unpublished posts in the district courts of the J&K and Ladakh Union Territories, a measure that triggered an opposition protest against the opening of employment to all Indians after the annulment in August of last year.

The announcement to fill the vacancies was issued by the General Secretary of the Superior Court of J&K, Sanjay Dhar, on December 26, 2019, and the last date for submission of applications is January 31, 2020.

We hereby notify the interested parties that the Notice of Publicity of December 26, 2019, through which applications for different positions in the Non-Gazetted category in the Superior Court of stands withdrawn with effect were invited Immediately, Dhar said in a new notification issued Tuesday night.

Although no reason was given for the withdrawal of the notification, the development occurs amid vociferous protests from several opposition parties, including the National Conference, JKNPP and leftist parties, which have demanded reservations for the locals in positions of government work at J&K.

The 33 vacant posts of officials not registered in the district courts of J&K and Ladakh that the high court had opened for eligible candidates from across the country, including those of stenographers, typists, composers, electricians and drivers of superior and junior scale.

In response to a question on the issue of jobs in Jammu and Kashmir to the locals, the Jammu and Kashmir administration spokesman at a press conference on Tuesday said the government has received several suggestions and are under consideration.