NRI referee Dhanraj brings technology to the BDFA league

BENGALURU: The Bangalore District The Football League Super Division League had a distinctive German touch on Tuesday with the latest technology in use as NRI Vinod Dhanraj , an upcoming referee in Germany Bayerniga , officiated the match between South United and AGORC.

For the first time in the history of the Bangalore District FA, the line referees used the paging system to communicate with the main referee. "We used the referee paging system today. So each time the line referee raised his flag, I got an alert on my electronic armband," Dhanraj told TOI.

The 31-year-old man, who works for a company in Germany, said he renewed his passion for football after completing his Master's degree in electrical energy engineering from TU Darmstadt, one of the best institutes in Germany.

In 2009, I played in the final of the Rotary interuniversity soccer tournament here, where my New Horizon University finished second in San Jose University, Dhanraj recalled.

After that I could not be in contact with the sport. But once I started working in Germany, I wanted to go back to football and that's why I got into arbitration. Then I was seen by a local SSV Jahn club Regensburg who supported me and I cleared seven levels to officiate in Bayerniga , a semi-professional league," the former student of Clarence High School said.

First match in India

It was Dhanraj's first match in India on Tuesday and the referee said his ambition is to emerge as one of the top officials from India. "I want to clear the tests in India so that I can officiate in ISL and I-league but for that I need to officiate in a minimum of 30 matches," said Dhanraj, who lives in Regensburg , 125km from Munich.

The young referee said that what is missing in India, compared to Germany, is infrastructure and professionalism. In Germany, if you are late for a game, then you have to pay a fine. Arbitration is a hobby there and the best-known referee is also a lawyer, said Dhanraj, who divides his time to work during the week and football. arbitration during weekends.

Dhanraj said the current location system in use is expensive and is working on a different technology that will help make it much more affordable. From 800 euros, the plan is to reduce it to around 50 euros, he said.

The German NRI, who is here on vacation, also said he is in talks with state FA officials to help local referees use the latest technology. I am ready to donate the pager system to the KSFA and train the referees to use them, even to embark on the new affordable device, he concluded.