Opening ceremony of state games to hamper the playing conditions for Ranji's game

JAIPUR: The Sawai Man Singh Stadium TOI learned that it could be a nuisance for the Rajasthan cricket team, already baffled, since the opening ceremony of the first State Games scheduled for January 2, a day before his match with the Ranji Trophy, probably obstruct the ideal conditions of play.

Rajasthan, who lost his first two games in the trot in Group 'A', they are scheduled to play against Andhra Pradesh from January 3 at the SMS stadium.

The team led by Robin Bist would seek to get his campaign back on track with the Ranji Trophy, but it is likely that a pitch and an offside garden spoil his hopes.

The grand opening ceremony, which will be inaugurated by the prime minister Ashok Gehlot At night, for the State Games you will witness a march of more than 8000 students, the congratulation of accomplished athletes, a cultural program and a horse show, among other things, in front of a considerable crowd.

In addition to the SMS stadium, matches from various disciplines will also be held at the University of Rajasthan, Chaugan Stadium, Jagatpura Shooting Range, Poornima College and JECRC University. The other places could also have been an option to organize the opening ceremony since these are the potential centers that can help instill sports culture in the state. The Games will be held between January 3 and 6.

But Rajasthan sports minister Ashok Chandana downplayed the concern and sounded sure that everything is well taken care of. The pedestrian terrain is fully protected and will not be damaged. In addition, we will be very careful to keep the field safe. He must have known that before the plan was to hold the opening ceremony on January 3, but then the only option was to celebrate the game in another state. But we never wanted any sporting event to leave here. So, taking this into account, we changed the opening ceremony to January 2, Chandana told TOI.

The 'guidelines' of the BCCI clearly require that a state association hand over the land four days before a game. However, this was not followed by the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) this time.

BCCI GM (cricket operations) Saba Karim confirmed: The process that we follow in the BCCI has a minimum of four days in advance and the land is delivered for its preparation. And the BCCI has not received any information from the RCA regarding the holding of said event.

Despite being in the know-how about the national calendar, the RCA decided not to discuss the combination of dates or place with the Rajasthan State Sports Council (RSSC), the owners of the facility. In addition, the time limit for repairing the ground before the start of the game at 9.30 am the next day should have been considered by RCA, as it will probably put great pressure on the ground staff.

However, RCA secretary Mahendra Sharma He dispelled all fears by saying: We have not made any communication with the BCCI. It is our understanding with the state government. We will ensure that the terrain is not damaged at all.

It remains to be seen how things work on the first day of the Ranji Trophy game.