Make sure there are no stains on 'khakhi': Maharashtra CM to the police cadets

NASHIK: The chief minister, Uddhav Thackeray, went to the Academy fainting ceremony on Monday and asked the 117th group of sub-inspectors to ensure that the 'khakhi' uniform that cost him so much does not get stained .

After the parade, Thackeray made an innovative indoor shooting range, an artificial turf and soccer field and a synthetic track in MPA.

The course for lot 117 of police sub-inspectors began on October 22 last year, consisting of 477 men and 192 women from Maharashtra and 20 staff members from neighboring Goa.

There should be no spots on the khakhi uniform that cost him so much to win. Each PSI has to face challenges and must always be ready to perform their duties, he told the cadets ready to be included in the front line of the force.

Thackeray said that all help in terms of technology, infrastructure and training will be given to the force to ensure that his physical and mental health remains top notch.

Thackeray announced that the prominent cadet of next year's group would separate the 'Honor Revolver' from the current 'Sword of Honor' to inspire staff to face the challenges of organized crime, naxalism and cybercrime.

Santosh Kamte won the Sword of Honor for the best cadet, Vijaya Pawar won the Cup for the best female cadet and Sagar Sable the Gold Cup, an official said.

The MPA is the main police training facility in the state and was established on July 1, 1906.