Goa: schools use Scrabble to increase the attention span of their students

PANAJI: As children are increasingly exposed to electronic devices and social networks from an early age, teachers across the state find it a great challenge to keep them focused on the classroom. The problem of the new era is forcing schools to look at daily sessions of meditation, board games, Vedic mathematics and advice for parents, among other methods, to maintain student interest in the classroom.

The students' Attention the sections are shrinking a lot from the KG level and the challenge is how to keep them focused when each conference at the high school level is 40 minutes. Due to the greater exposure to digital media, students seek a continuous feeling of emotion. Teachers find it difficult to cope with the situation, managing the administrator of People’s High School, Panaji Said Rahul Deshpande.

Rubik's cube, Sudoku helps stimulate healthy competition

The principal of The Rosary High School, Cujira, Sarita Carvalho, said they are seeing a drop in motivation levels to compete academically.

During the current academic year, Deshpande has introduced the use of Rubik's cube, Sudoku, Vedic mathematics, Scrabble and meditation as a means to address the problem.

For five minutes after each science class, children can play with Rubik's cube. Similarly, as part of the theme in English, we present Scrabble. The children were delighted that they were allowed to play during class hours. Now, we see them playing with them even during recess, ”said Deshpande.

To keep the students excited, the time the games would be allowed in class was a surprise, said principal Vibhuti Bhangui.

“In the upper classes, we introduced meditation. After recess, we saw that the energy levels were so high that the conference was being wasted. The students took a long time to settle. Meditation helped in this direction, ”said Bhangui.

Rosary High School will present two short meditation sessions from this month onwards. “Previously, students would be worried about losing even half a mark. There are some high scores even now, but, in general, the motivation levels are not the same as before. If we see that students have social media accounts, we summon parents immediately. Mobile devices are confiscated and returned only at the end of the academic year, ”said Carvalho.

Director of Dr K B Hedgewar High School, Vilas Satarkar said the school's teachers visit children's homes and advise parents about the illegal effects of electronic devices.