Bihar: lone criminal posing to have 'gun' boots Rs 9.12 lakh from the bank near the railroad crossing

PATNA: Thumbing the police, a pose to be armed with a looted gun after breaking into the cash counter of the United Bank of India branch located on the busiest road in the station near the Patna railroad crossing in the area of ​​the Kotwali police station in the heart of the state capital on Tuesday. .

With the loot on the last day of the year, the total number of bank dacoity incidents and booties across the state reached 14, which is the second highest in conjunction with the years 2014 and 2015. A maximum of 21 such incidents were reported. in 2011.

City SP (central) Vinay Tiwary said the offender entered at 3.04 p.m. and left the branch at 3.06 p.m. Police arrived at the scene at 3.11 pm, he said.

SSP Garima Malik said police suspect the criminal was posing to have a firearm that he didn't really have.

“He was seen putting cash in a bag with both hands. Nor was he seen placing any firearm anywhere in the images of the CCTV camera before starting to collect money, ”Malik said, adding, prima facie, it seems criminal to know the branch well, as it moved easily.

She said the role of the employees would be investigated as the cashier himself was seen helping criminals holding a bag and putting money in it during the loot.

Cashier Vikash Kumar said the criminal threatened to take money quickly. Jaldi paisa nikalo nahi to goli maar denge ... Koi chalaki nahi karega ... (Take out money quickly or I'll shoot. No one will try to act intelligently), said the cashier, citing the criminal when he had entered his grill. counter.

There were at least 25 people, including 15 bank employees inside the branch when the loot was carried out. Bank employees did not turn on the siren after the booty. In addition, the branch has been running without security personnel for a long time.

The branch is around 50 years old, according to UBI chief manager PK Mishra, who arrived at the site from the regional office after obtaining information about the loot.

In response to a query, Mishra said that Rs 54 lakh was referred from one branch to another just an hour before the loot.

“The exact amount of loot is Rs 9.12.200. In total, Rs 10.74 lakh lay on the counter that time, ”he said.

The branch manager, Amit Paliwal, said he was inside the chamber and that the criminal was running away when he went out to see what was happening.

Branch's alarm works, but everything happened so fast that we couldn't turn it on, he said.

An eyewitness, Jitendra Kumar, told TOI within the branch that the criminal had wrapped a piece of cloth around his palm and wrist, making it difficult to determine whether he had a gun or not.

“By pointing it out, he threatened everyone with moving inside. His face was also covered with cloth. There was a power outage at the branch when he entered, he said.

Other eyewitnesses said he was standing in front of one of the cash counters, but as soon as the power was restored, he stormed inside behind after circling around the counter bay.