80-year-old woman left to die on the streets rescued by DCW

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Women's Commission rescued an abandoned woman in her 80s on Tuesday. It is alleged that the woman was left to die in the streets for her daughter. Swati Maliwal, chief, said a local resident, concerned about the old woman's condition, informed the commission.

The informant met with members of DCW and showed them videos of the indignities facing the octogenarian. Maliwal said the team found the woman lying in her own excreta on the road in front of her house. He had deep scars, injuries, fractures and clots in his body and was shaking profusely, Maliwal revealed. “According to the locals, she has been on the street for the past six months. There were severe assault marks on his body. Doctors also detected third-degree bed sores in his body. According to doctors, the woman suffered from hypothermia when she was taken to the hospital.

Maliwal and DCW members Kiran Negi, Promila Gupta and Firdos Khan met the woman in the hospital, where her team, along with him, constantly watches over her. When asked, the woman revealed to the DCW team that her daughter had hit her.

Doctors told Maliwal that the woman was in a critical condition and could not survive. She is malnourished, seriously injured and has extreme sores on her body that have made her situation worse. His lungs also became infected, ”said Maliwal.

The DCW chief added: “It is very unfortunate that an old woman has been abandoned and forced to survive in such a sorry condition for her own daughter. We will take care of the old woman and try to rehabilitate her.