The BJP women's panel points to the Rajasthan government for the death of children in the Kota hospital

KOTA: The BJP parliamentary panel composed of Jaskaur Meena, Locket Chatterjee and Kanta Kardam visited the J K Lon Hospital on Tuesday, where at least 91 children died in December.

The panel expressed dissatisfaction with the alleged mismanagement in the hospital and criticized the prime minister Ashok Gehlot for going to Ranchi to participate in the Hemant Soren oath ceremony in Ranchi but not visiting him.


The recent death of 91 babies at J K Lon Hospital in Kota, supposedly due to the lack of basic medical facilities, is an indicator of the deterioration of the health system in the state. After TOI released the story, the state government had formed a team of doctors from the SMS School of Medicine to investigate the reasons for such high infant mortality. TOI had also written about many basic medical equipment that was not used and the lack of maintenance. Although the team has submitted its report to the secretary, medical education, for reasons best known to the authorities, has not been made public. The government, which swears by transparency, should make it public and take effective measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

Congress workers protested against the panel's visit by forming a human chain outside the hospital and accused the BJP of politicizing the sensitive issue of the death of children.

The three-member team interacted with the parents and assistants of the children undergoing treatment in the hospital. Chatterjee said the children died due to an infection and added that there were lots of filth in the hospital while pigs were diverted through the facilities.

Expressing concern about the lack of infrastructure, the panel said that two or three children were lying in a single bed and that the nursing staff was also insufficient. Chatterjee said the guard's behavior with hospital assistants was not good.

Later, speaking with the journalists, the panel members criticized the Gehlot government and accused the CM of insensitivity to the death of the children.

“While the kids are dying in the hospital. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot went to Jharkhand to celebrate formation of Congress government there. The mothers of deceased kids are still shedding tears but the CM is not here to wipe their tears, ”Chatterjee said.

If such an incident had occurred in the Gandhi family, there would have been a national pain throughout the country, Chatterjee said.

So far, none of the congressional workers came to the hospital, but the BJP MLA in Kota has extended the monetary assistance of Rs 50 lakh, he said.

Gehlotji and Rahulji should come here instead of going to Ranchi, Lucknow and Delhi giving speeches, Chatterjee said.

Asking about the highest number of child deaths during the BJP government in the state in the past five years, Chatterjee said: It is not a competition between Congress and the BJP. The death of children is not just about numbers, ”said Chatterjee.