Delhi: thieves drill holes in the post office, get only Rs 487 in coins

NEW DELHI: The thieves came in and got less than they expected. They broke a safe and fled with one of them, only to discover that the bag contained a miserable Rs 487 in coins that the cashier left the day before.

Police said the men drilled a hole in the wall behind the safe and suspect they could have been helped by a child who worked at the office door. The place had no security guards at the time of the incident, they added.

Officials discovered the robbery on Monday morning when the postal assistant arrived at the locker room and discovered it. During the inspection, he saw the hole dug in the wall. The thieves used an iron bar to open the locker. However, the accountant had emptied it last Friday and left coins in a bag.

In the complaint, the deputy postmaster told police that the office was closed around 5:30 p.m. of Saturday. The police suspect that the thieves would have climbed the boundary wall behind the building to enter. They added that the hole in the wall was more than 15 inches thick, which would have taken the accused at least an hour to drill.

A case of intrusion and theft has been registered and an investigation has begun. Police said there were no CCTV cameras focused on the area through which thieves managed to enter the office.