TN: In the 2020 government calendar, O Panneerselvam has no date

CHENNAI: The Deputy Chief Minister is no longer the boy on the AIADMK government cartel. The presentation of the Tamil development department has reduced its presence on the calendar to just two months.

By prominently appearing on the 10-month pages in the 2019 calendar, PAHO has been reduced to a tiny presence for only two months and that also in group photographs in the 2020 calendar. Almost every page prominently shows Prime Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami, sending a strong message about the dilution of the influence of MP CM.

The photographs highlight the welfare plans and achievements of the government last year.

Starting with the usual EPS image, wearing his characteristic smile, greeting former Prime Minister J Jayalalithaa with a bouquet. Two of those images were used in the month of January. The later pages of the calendar show the CM that it receives President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping during his visits several times in 2019.

In addition, he has photos of his visits to the United States and the United Kingdom, releasing water from the Mettur dam and launching wellness plans. The image of PAHO together with the members of the cabinet appeared in the months of April and December.

Meanwhile, PAHO images were prominently displayed on a par with the CM in the 2019 calendar. It featured prominently in images in 10 months. Preparing the calendar is a two to three month job, a senior official said. An officer in the rank of secretary was appointed as a protocol officer to examine the images and put them on the restricted list. After receiving the approval of one of its secretaries and the final approval of the CM itself, it will be printed, said the officer. .

Calendars will be disbursed to senior officials and chiefs of the 40 government departments, district collectors, police superintendent, district revenue officers in the state. According to the protocol, they have to show the calendars in their office. The strong political message is that EPS is the leader. This message will be sent to party officials and workers, another official said.