12 days later, UP police officers sit by court order, they don't take the cancer patient to the hospital

AGRA: Even after 12 days, he has not been able to take stage 2 cancer patient Ahmad Nabi, who suffered multiple fractures in an alleged police action during the violence against the CAA on December 20, to the district hospital due to the lack of personnel for the police escort. .

On December 24, a special court judge ordered the district administration to provide all possible medical assistance to Nabi, who suffered multiple fractures during the alleged police action.

Firozabad jailer Lal Pratap Singh said: “We had written to the reserve inspector of the police line (RI) for the staff to escort Nabi, but he did not provide any. Nabi had to undergo surgery for his fractures, although our jail medical staff had provided him with a temporary cast. He is currently in the medical room of the prison.

Speaking to TOI, RI Ram Singh of Firozabad Police Line said: On Wednesday, we will provide escort for Nabi.

Meanwhile, a doctor from the district hospital said: “Nabi was supposed to be admitted here on Tuesday for a medical check-up before the operation for his fractures, which was scheduled for Wednesday, but the police didn't bring him here. Earlier on Saturday, he was taken to the hospital but the police did not admit it.

Dr. R K Pandey, chief medical superintendent of the district hospital, had told TOI that due to a dispute between the prison staff and the police escort, Nabi was not admitted to the hospital.

The sources said that the police were ordered to take Nabi to the outpatient department (OPD), but were not informed about their admission for surgery.

The prison staff asked the police escort to admit Nabi to the hospital, but said no, said Vakeel Nabi, younger brother of Ahmad Nabi who was present at the district hospital when Ahmad Nabi was taken to the doctor's room .

My brother's two legs are fractured and he also suffered serious injuries to his left arm during the police action on December 20. Ahmad was returning home when he was picked up by the police and assaulted, Vakeel Nabi said.

Ahmad Nabi runs a crockery shop in the Hajipura area, in the Rasoolpur police jurisdiction, where there was violence on December 20.