Kerala: the body of the tribe member tied to the pole and carried on the shoulders, the rights panel looks for a report

KOCHI: () requested a report from the state government on the incident in which people in the eastern part were forced to transport a man's body about 3 km on foot for autopsy in the hospital due to lack of suitable roads for settlement.

The commission recorded a case of suo moto based on news reports about the incident. The president of KSHRC, Judge Antony Dominic, ordered the chief secretary of state and the Ernakulam collector to submit a report within three weeks. After receiving the report, the case will be considered during the session in Aluva.

The body of the tribe member, Soman (37), who allegedly committed suicide at his home in the Kunjippara tribal village in Ernakulam last week, had to be taken on foot by his fellow tribal after the police investigation. The members of the tribe had to carry the body on their shoulders after wrapping it on a mat and tying it to a bamboo pole to take it to the nearest road.

District police chief (Ernakulam Rural) K Karthick said police arrived in the village on foot after walking through the woods for miles.

“I asked about the incident. Electricity supply and road connectivity have not yet reached the Kunjippara tribal settlement that lies deep in the forests in Kuttampuzha. Although the investigation was completed, there was no way to bring the body in jeep. He was later carried on his shoulders and taken across a river and taken to a jeep that took him to the main road where the ambulance was waiting. The body was taken by ambulance to the Kothamangalam Taluk hospital for autopsy, ”he said.

The district collector was not available for comment.