BJP's ally, PMK, says no to NRC in Tamil Nadu, will create an unwanted fear

CHENNAI: PMK, an ally of the ruling and BJP, approved a resolution Tuesday at its general council meeting in Tindivanam, urging the Center and the state government not to carry out the exercise of the National Registry of Citizens (NRC) in Tamil Nadu. By opposing it, he has joined the ranks of other allies of BJP, JD (U) and SAD, who are also against this exercise.

The PMK youth wing leader and Rajya Sabha member, Anbumani Ramadoss, supported the Citizenship Amendment Bill of the Center in Parliament. The PMK has also been demanding that Lankan Tamils ​​also fall within the scope of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, as they were a persecuted minority in the island nation. In its current form, it only provides citizenship to persecuted minorities in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. “Our state does not share its borders with any country and the details of Sri Lankan refugees are already available with the government. Therefore, there is no need to carry out NRC in Tamil Nadu, since the exercise will create an unwanted fear among people, said the PMK resolution, hinting that the National Population Registry ( NPR ) The exercise is seen by many as a prelude to the NRC.

On a mission to strengthen the party, through the newly formed wings of Brothers and Sisters, PMK hopes to finalize its strategy for the election of the 2021 assembly.

“The AIADMK government is surviving only thanks to our support. We gave them 22 seats for partial elections and guaranteed government survival. But, AIADMK is not matching the gesture, Anbumani said at the meeting.

Anbumani, however, tried to minimize his speech at the NRC, while addressing the media later. “AIADMK's leadership is aware of this. I have not accused the ruling party, but I only made a friendly request. This will not create any problem in our alliance with AIADMK, ”he said. While adding that CAA is not against anyone and people have not fully understood, he said it was wrong, if people were arrested for drawing kolam against CAA.

At the meeting, Anbumani also criticized the president of the DMK, M K Stalin, for blaming the PMK for everything. DMK has employed an agency to spend a lot of money to defame us, as well as other political parties on social networks, he said.

“In the surveys of recently held rural local bodies, AIADMK assigned us seats little by little and we were forced to testify. While we align with them, after giving up our stated principle of not aligning with anyone, it hurts when we don't receive due recognition, ”said the leader.

At least in the next round of surveys of local bodies, including the nine districts where the surveys were not conducted, AIADMK should recognize us properly, lamented, and added that his party will develop its strategy for the election of the 2021 assembly soon. PMK source, aware of the meeting, told TOI.