India reserves the right to attack terrorist sources: new army chief

NEW DELHI: warning Pakistan that India reserves the right to preventively attack cross-border sources of terror if it does not stop state-sponsored terrorism, the country's new military chief said on Tuesday that the armed forces are in a high operational state preparation and better prepared to face the challenges on the western and eastern fronts now.

Yes, we are better prepared, said the first chief of general defense personnel in the country. The new army chief general, in turn, said his force is fully prepared to face any eventuality along the volatile line of control with Pakistan, which has witnessed up to 3,200 ceasefire violations this year to beat All annual records since 2003.

A gradual strategy of punitive responses resolved is in place to punish cross-border terrorism, said Gen Naravane, who assumed the 28th Gen Rawat Army chief on Tuesday. “We are aware that there are terrorists on the other side on several launch platforms that they hope to cross, but we are fully prepared to face this threat. We have strong networks against infiltration and against terrorism, which we continue to modify according to the inputs we receive, he said, speaking with the news agencies.

“Our neighbor uses terrorism as a tool of state policy, as a way to carry out a war of power against us, while maintaining denial. However, this state cannot last long. As they say, you can't fool all people, all the time, ”he added.

The army chief also said that the tireless efforts of the Pakistan-ISI army to divert attention from their state-sponsored terrorism had totally failed. There has been a definite improvement in the internal security situation in J&K after the repeal, and the war of power that is being fought from the other side of the border suffers a major setback due to the elimination of terrorists and terrorist networks. “The incidents of violence in J&K have seen a marked decrease, this predicts very well for the population of J&K. It is a step forward to bring peace and prosperity to the region, he said.

The military chief said that border tensions with China along the Current Control Line had diminished substantially, and the two armies now actively work to reduce and manage troop confrontations after receiving strategic guidance from their leaders after the summit. from Wuhan in April 2018.

While India will continue to develop its capabilities and infrastructure along the northern borders with China, the post-Wuhan guidelines have been disseminated throughout the chain of command at the battalion level to maintain peace and tranquility in LAC, said General Naravane. .