India needs to pay more attention to the Chinese border, says the new Naravane army chief

NEW DELHI: The new Army chief, MM, said Wednesday that India needs to pay more attention to its border across China and said the force is capable of facing any security challenge.

We have been paying attention to our western front in the past. The northern front now also requires an equal amount of attention ... The Army is capable of addressing any danger to the country, General Naravane told reporters after receiving the first one as the head of the army.

In that context, we will now develop capabilities and improve our capabilities even at our northern borders, which include the northeastern part of our country, he said.

In the border dispute with China, the army chief said peace continues along the border will pave the way for a solution.

He said: We have been able to maintain peace and tranquility along the borders and I am sure that the situation will prevail. By maintaining this, we can set the stage for the final solution.

General Naravane said that operational readiness and modernization will be among the top priorities of the Army under his leadership.

Our priority will be to be prepared to face any challenge and be operational ready at all times. This will happen as a result of modernization. We will continue to develop our capacity, especially in the north and northeast region of our country, he said. said.

He said the Indian army will pay special attention to respect for human rights. We will also place special emphasis on increasing security awareness between the ranks and the archives and pay special attention to respect human rights, said the army chief.

Assuring the country in terms of security, he said: The three services, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, are ready to defend the country.

He extended the wishes to the people in the new year and hoped that the country will make great progress in this decade.

General Naravane assumed command as the 28th Chief of the Army General Staff (COAS) on Tuesday, succeeding the general who became the first Chief of Staff of India (CDS).

General Naravane was previously the Vice Chief of the Army General Staff.