Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla reveals his feelings for Shehnaz Gill

In the next episode of the first day of the new year, some equations within the Bigg Boss 13 the house is strengthening while some are becoming more frightening. Of all the contestants in the house, there is a couple that has created immense curiosity among the hearts of their fans, which is always seen on social networks. In the preview transmitted by the channel, Arti singh looks wondering Sidharth Shukla & Shehnaz Gill what they feel for each other.

Arti says that it's very difficult to handle & convince Sidharth, how does Shehnaz do it with so much ease. To which, Sidharth says that he likes her as a friend. The actor takes a pause & rhetorically asks, "Phir biwi hai kya" & bursts into laughter.

Arti asks him what he likes about Shehnaz. Sidharth says, #I like nothing but everything about her." On the other hand, Shehnaz says that she needs Sidharth Shukla & loves him too. The Punjab ki Katrina Kaif also adds that she would want a husband like Sidharth for her in the future.

They both smile & then hug each other. While there's a positive atmosphere on one hand, there's a fight that takes place between Mahira Sharma & Rashami Desai over food.

Rashami tells Shehnaz that during her captaincy, lunch & dinner are prepared around the same time. This leaves Mahira fuming with anger since it's her duty of preparing lunch. Mahira also says that in this house, she is the only one, who cooks maximum food. Let's see what more twists & turns will the contestants bring in the house.