Kim 'a man of his word' about denuclearization, says Trump

PALM BEACH (UNITED STATES): President of the United States Donald Trump On Tuesday, he said he believes North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will honor his denuclearization commitments, even when the strong man threatened a new strategic weapon.

We signed a contract, talking about denuclearization. That was the number one sentence, 'denuclearization', which was done in Singapore . I think he's a man of his word, Trump told reporters before going to New Year's holidays on his vacation retreat in Florida .

The president was referring to a 2018 historic summit he held with Kim in Singapore . The two adopted a vaguely worded statement on "complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula" and agreed to "establish new US-DPRK relations".

But the failure to reach an agreement on the relief of sanctions and what the North was willing to give up in return led to the collapse of the second leaders' summit in February in Hanoi.

The North had set a year-end deadline for Washington to offer new concessions on sanctions, but they did not materialize.

On Wednesday, North Korean state media reported that Kim had declared the end of the moratoriums in nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile tests and soon threatened a demonstration of a new strategic weapon.

In Florida Trump repeated his previous comments that he and Kim like each other and have a very good relationship.

He is representing his country. We will do what we have to do, Trump said.