Exclusive! Suniel Shetty about Athiya and Ahan's love life: I love Ahaan's girlfriend and I love who Athiya goes out with

The children of Suniel Shetty, Ahan and Athiya are in the headlines of their respective romantic lives. While it is said that Athiya is in a relationship with cricketer KL Rahul, Ahan and his girlfriend Tania Shroff made their relationship official in 2019. Recently, when ETimes spoke with Sunil Shetty about her children and her love life, the actor spoke Frankly about the same. “We love the children and the children they are dating. I absolutely love you and I believe that more than a profession, being happy in life is very important today because that is the space I think is missing. We were all happy, we grew up happy.

The actor added how times have changed. Suniel Shetty He added that he and his wife Mana have accepted their children's relationships. “If you see your life and ours, we were all happy, be lucky. Today's generation is too worried about mujhe like a thousand raha hai kya, simple kapde sahi hai kya, choti moble toh nahi hai, smartphone toh nahi hai, materialist, group pressure duniya ke vaje se ho chukka hai, kisiko maarna, kisiko kaat ke bag mein phainkna, stepfather ho kuch bhi ho, woh hamari soch mein aata bhi nahi tha. But times have changed. That's why I think parents become friends and do everything is very important. I love Ahan's girlfriend and I love who Athiya is seeing. I have no problem with that, Mana has no problem with that and they are happy. The children are blessed that they are from bright and humble families and fit the family like gloves, Suniel concluded.

Athiya and Ahan were in the New Year with their respective partners in international destinations. While Athiya and KL Rahul were arrested in Thailand, Ahan and Tania are on vacation in the United States.