Court: writing a health statement shows that Indrani is mentally fit

MUMBAI: In a detailed rejection order for the murder of Sheena Bora for the declaration of bail for health reasons, a CBI special court recently noted that she had drafted her bail application and listed several reasons that supported her argument, which He indicated that he was mentally fit despite her medical ailments.

The special court also noted that, while 59 witnesses had been deposited, some crucial witnesses, including Mukerjea's son, Peter's ex-husband, Rahul, had not yet taken the position, leaving open the possibility of their influence. .

Mukerjea's fourth bail statement was rejected on December 20. The court said Mukerjea was a prominent person in society, had an important position in the media and even now had sufficient financial resources.

“We must remember that the accused is a stepmother of Rahul and the testimony of this witness has an important relationship with the final decision in this case. You cannot rule out the possibility that after being released on bail, the defendant may alter the evidence and the crucial testimony of the first witness Rahul Mukerjea may be influenced, ”he said.

The court said Mukerjea had not raised any new grounds for his previous bail statements. He said he had already considered his health problems in the previous bail order and had instructed the jail authorities.

The court noted that neither your divorce from the co-defendant nor your heart attack could be called a change of circumstances.

The court said Mukerjea's claim that she had become an approver in the case of INX Media in Delhi and the CBI investigating officer in that case had opined that she was very cooperative and helpful, could not be considered a change of circumstances In the present case. .

Referring to the presentation of a delay in the trial, the court included a table that shows the time needed to examine and question the witnesses and the cases in which Mukerjea's defense had requested the suspension.

The court said it insisted on holding the hearing on a day-to-day basis, but lawyers on both sides had presented their labor difficulties.