Big hurry for UGC-NET in Kashmir

NEW DELHI: Despite a repression on the Internet, Jammu and Kashmir registered an attendance of 83.5% of the candidates enrolled in the UGC-NET exam of December 2019, only exceeded 84% and also recorded a 10% qualification rate compared to the national average of 8.2%.

The UGC-NET test was the first test conducted after the repeal of the special state of J&K and its redesign as a territory of the Union. The test saw a significant jump in attendance compared to the June 2019 or December 2018 tests conducted at the UT.

In the first, the eligibility test was also performed in the region of Leh and Ladakh. Another novelty is that the national evaluation authority (NTA) will issue certificates of assistant teachers and scholarship letters within four days after the results, which generally take four months to issue.

The results declared on Tuesday saw a record number of more than 79,000 qualifying candidates. The (NET), also known as UGC-NET, determines eligibility for the position of assistant professor and junior research grant (JRF) in Indian universities and colleges.

Among the five states that registered 80% more assistance, J&K is second only to Kerala (84.08). In the June 2019 test, J&K recorded an attendance of 77.12%. Interestingly, he has often witnessed terrorist attacks, recorded a higher attendance of 94%. In total, a total of 31,147 applicants appeared for the J&K test, of which 3,243 qualified, which is 10.4% and only exceeded 13% of qualified applicants.

“This shows the aspiration of young people from Jammu and Kashmir and the government has created an environment where they can go out in large numbers. Our approach will continue to improve so that we can offer more opportunities to J&K youth. I commend your levels of motivation and wish you all the best and I urge you to be bearers of the torch of progress, said the trade union minister for human resources development.

Overall, the total number of candidates increased by more than one lakh, compared to 6.81,718 in June 2019 and December 2018. Of 65,239 successful candidates, 31,095 are women. The three states that have more than 10,000 qualifications are Uttar Pradesh (20,877), Rajasthan (14,554) and Delhi (12,364). There are a total of 17 candidates who took the exam and one qualified.

The rapid issuance of eligibility certificates will encourage candidates. “This used to take about three to four months. Starting this year, the certificates will be issued immediately and without delay to help the candidates. The NTA will issue the certificates this year, ”said a senior HRD official.