Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, written update June 4, 2019: Abdul feels hurt when Bhide appoints a new milkman

In the last episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Madhavi tells him Bhide that the 'mahila mandal' has given their nod to Santosh, the new milkman. Bhide tells her that he will now discuss this with his society's friends at Abdul's soda shop. Later, Taarak, Jethalal , Dr Hathi, Sodhi and Iyer wait for Bhide and Popat at the soda shop.

They ask Abdul to prepare the drink. Before doing so, Abdul tells them that the price of soft drinks has increased by Rs 3. This also surprises everyone and questions Abdul. Abdul clarifies that the rates of the ingredients he uses in soda have increased. Therefore, he has no option. Taarak Point out how the milk was first and now the soda.

Bhide and Popat join them. Even they get to learn about the increased rates of soda. They are clearly unhappy with it even after Abdul's explanation. Bhide then asks Abdul why he left the supplying milk to their neighborhood society. Abdul hesitates to give him a reply. Bhide then informs everyone that it is due to Abdul's hike in rates that the other society hired a new milkman.

Bhide then talks to everyone about Santosh, who has spoken to supplying milk in the Gokuldham society. Bhide reports that Santosh will be selling them 'Desi Company' milk at the earlier rate. I have rested Abdul and other people's doubts by telling them that the discounted rate is given to Santosh by the company for buying milk in bulk. Abdul is not convinced.

Bhide tells Dr Hathi, Jethalal, Popat, Sodhi and Iyer that they will try Santosh's milk for 2 to 3 days and only then finalize him. It is then suggested they should seek permission from the ladies. Since they are in the compound the men walk up to them. They inform them about Santosh, and all agree to buy milk from him. Abdul looks at them from a distance and feels hurt as even after years of staying at Gokuldham, his intentions are doubted.

Bhide calls Santosh and asks him to supply milk the next day. I have told him he would message to a consolidated list of how much he has to supply in each house. The next day, Santosh delivers the milk. The newspaper seller is surprised to see him instead of Abdul. He meets Abdul on the way and asks him not to lose heart. Bhide relishes his tea and approves of the quality of Santosh's milk. It is the same with Sodhi and Gogi.