In the midst of the plague of shootings in the United States, emerge 'heroes'

WASHINGTON: Without An End In View Of The Massive Shootings That Have Traumatized The Country In Recent Decades, Americans Now Find Hope In The Actions Of" Heroes" Who Have Sacrificed Their Lives To Save Others In The Middle Of The Bullets.

It Became The Latest Example Of This Bravery After The 18-year-old Boy Confronted One Of The Armed Men Who Attacked His School In The Suburbs Of Denver On Tuesday.

It Cost Him His Life, But He Gave Time To Other Students To Hide Under His Desk Or Flee The Shooting That Also Hurt Eight People, Said His Classmate Nui Giasolli In An Interview On Wednesday At The NBC Television Network.

They Were Very Heroic. I Can Not ' T Thank You Enough, Giasolli Said Castillo And The Three Students Who Joined Him To Fight Against The Unidentified Attacker, One Of The Two Policemen Said He Broke Into The School.

The United States Marine Corps Also Spoke Praising Brendan Bialy, Who Was Ready To Join The Force This Summer And Was Among The Trio That Confronted The Gunman.

Brendan's Value And Commitment To Quickly End This Tragic Incident At Risk Of Their Own Security Is Admirable And Inspiring, Said The Corporation's Local Recruitment District.

In Recent Decades, Solutions To Massive Shots That Have Seen Armed Firearms Kill People In Schools, Offices, And Public Places In The United States Over The Past Decades.

The Frequency Of The Murders Has Led The Police Forces Throughout The Country To Encourage People Caught In The Shooting To" Run, Hide, Fight" Said The Politologist Robert Spitzer.

" The Dissemination Of These Heroic Stories, Including The Fact That Intercedents Are Often Successful In Stopping A Shooter, Although Not Armed, Has Encouraged More People To Act," Spitzer Told AFP.

And In A Country Where Repeated Administrations Have Not Succeeded In Stopping The Violence," It Has Encouraged Not Only The Action, But Also The Hope That Doing So Has Importance" .

A Week Before The Shooting Outside Of Denver, Public Attention Focused On Riley Howell, A 21-year Environmental Studies Student Who Accused An Armed Man Who Opened Fire On Her University Campus In Charlotte, North Carolina.

Howell's Attack Took The Shooter From His Feet, The Chief Of The Local Police, Kerr Putney, Said, And Gave The Officers Time To Intervene And End The Tragedy.

But It Also Caused Howell To Shoot Three Times, One Of The Two Victims Of The Murders.

(He) Did Exactly What We Train To Do, Putney Said After The Shooting. You're Going To Run, Hide And Shield Or You'll Take The Fight Against The Assailant

Gregg Carter, Professor Of Sociology At Bryant University, Said That Police Have Also Faced Confrontation In The Midst Of The Proliferation Of Shooting.

Law Enforcement Tactics Have Changed A Slow ' Wait And See ' Position ... For A ' Move Quickly But With Attention ' Focus Since Then, He Said.

As Typically Made With Massive Shots In The United States, Calls To Regulate Firearms More Recent Nearly Recent Assassinations.

" Legislators Must Face NRA So Students Can Stop Facing Shooters" , Non-Profit, Everytown For Gun Safety Tweeted After Gunfight In Denver, In Reference To The National Rifle Association.

But Such Appeals Have Failed In Resistance Of Elected Officials, The Strong Link That Many Americans Feel With Their Firearms And The Powerful Lobbying Of The NRA.

Shootings Have Been Common In The United States. According To The Gun Violence Archives Web Site, 115 Shootings Have Wounded More Than Four People In The Country Since The Beginning Of The Year.

In The Middle Of Polarization, The NRA And Other Firearm Rights Defenders Have Argued That Better Armed Citizens Play An Important Role In Stopping Mass Shooting.

Armed With An AR-15 Rifle, Stephen Willeford, 55, Chased A Former Soldier Who Killed 25 People, Including A Pregnant Woman, During Sunday Mass In A Texas Church By The End Of 2017.

Willeford Managed To Hurt The Gunman Before The Police Broke.

President Donald Trump Praised His Actions And Said That" Very Courageous" Willeford Had Not Been Armed," Instead Of Having 26 Dead, You Would Have Had Hundred More Dead," He Said Using A Toll That Included The Fetus Of The Dead Woman.

Willeford And Trump Reunited At The NRA's Annual Convention Last Month, During Which The Republican President Said They Could Have Saved Lives If The Concert Assistants At The Bataclan Theater In Paris Were Armed During A 2015 Jihadist Attack That Killed To 90 People.