Advice in the workplace 'AdWise': 'I'm being bullied, please, help'

I Moved To A New Job About Two Months Ago. The First Month Was Good, But Shortly After The Behavior Of The Elderly Employees Became Discriminatory. These Employees, Who Have Been In The Company For More Than A Decade, Presume They Are Better At Work Than Newcomers. Recently, They Asked Our Manager A Higher Salary For Themselves And Questioned The Need For Newcomers. I Think I'm Doing A Good Job. How Do I Deal With These Bullies At Work? Should I Answer Them Directly Or Should I Pass The Subject To Our Manager?

Prabir Jha Responds:

This Is Not A Very Unusual Predicament For A New Recruit To Be In If The Company Has Many Long-tenured Employees. A Lot Of The Experience Rests On Whether The Company Truly Wants An Inclusive Culture. Many Older Employees Tend To Believe That They've Contributed Greatly To The Growth Of The Company And Are Sometimes Not Very Friendly Towards New Recruits. Many A Time, They Feel Insecure And The Attitude Is A Very Natural Baring Of Fangs. Do Not Be Fazed By Their Behavior. Give It Time. One Hopes That The Senior Leadership Will Live True To The Promise Of Helping A New Recruit Get Assimilated In The Firm.

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On Your Part, You Should Try To Understand The Strengths Of The Organization And Things That Appeal To You From Its Past. Also, Reach Out To Some Of The Veterans Who Are More Welcoming And Spend Time Building Your Own Reputation In Your New Job. If Your Supervisor Checks On How You Are Settling Down, It Is Prudent To Let Him/her Be Aware Of Some Of The Resistance You Are Experiencing And Seek His/her Help.

(Prabir Jha Is The Founder And CEO Of Prabir Jha People Advisory, He Has Directed Human Resource Teams At Cipla, Dependency Industries , Tata Motors And Dr. Reddy's Laboratories.)

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