Estados Unidos emite nuevas sanciones cuando Irán advierte que se retirará del acuerdo nuclear

WASHINGTON: The President Of Iran Declared Wednesday That He Would Begin To Move Away From The Restrictions Of 2015, And The Trump Government Responded With A New Round Of Sanctions Against Tehran, Which Reawakened A Crisis That Had Been Held For The Last Four Years. .

The Escalation Of Threats Affected The United States ' Allies In Europe In The Crossfire Between Washington And Tehran. And Although The Announcement Of The President Of Iran Did Not Put An End To The Historical Nuclear Agreement That Was Negotiated By The World Powers, He Put It In Life Support.

Britain, France And Germany Opposed The President. Donald Trump ' A Year Ago To Withdraw United States From Agreement That Limits Iran's Capacity To Produce Nuclear Fuel For 15 Years. Since Then, The Trump Administration Has Intensified A Pressure Campaign Against Iran's Administrative Leaders, Including The Blockade Of World Oil Exports And The Acceleration Of Warships And Persian Gulf Combat Aircraft This Week To Face What Officers They Described, Without Evidence, As A New Threat From Tehran Against The US Troops In The Middle East.

European Officials Had Promised To Establish A Barter System To Evade The Tax. But That Effort Has Largely Failed, Even When Iran Complied With Its Obligations Under The Agreement, From Production Limits To Inspections.

On Wednesday Morning In Tehran, Rouhani Declared That He Had Run Out Of Patience.

" The Path We Have Chosen Today Is Not The Way Of War, It Is The Way Of Diplomacy" , He Said In A National Level Speech. But Diplomacy With A New Language And A New Logic.

Instead Of Exiting The Agreement Completely, Rouhani Announced A Series Of Small Steps To Resume Production Of Nuclear Centrifuges And Begin To Accumulate Nuclear Material.

Rouhani Also Established A Series Of Carefully Calibrated Deadlines For European Leaders, Essentially Forcing Them To Join The United States To Isolate Iran Or Defend The Nuclear Agreement That World Powers Spent Years Negotiating With Tehran.

Later Hours, El White House He Announced That He Was Taking Additional Measures To Squeeze Iran's Economy Through The Imposition Of Sanctions On Its Steel, Aluminum, Iron And Copper Sectors. According To Trump Administration Estimates, Iran's Industrial Metal Industries Represents Approximately 10% Of Its Exports.