Vislumbres de la vida cotidiana and Afganistán a través de los ojos de un agrónomo Hyderabadi

It Was His Experience In Soil Management And Crop Production That Led The Agronomist To Headquarters In Hyderabad, Nirmal Beura , TO Afghanistan For An Agricultural Project. And Taking Advantage Of Most Of Their Stay In The Fascinating Country That Many Do Not Dare, Nirmal, Who Is Also A Passionate Photographer, Will Capture All The Images And Interesting People He Found With His Camera. And A Selection Of Those Photographs Was Exhibited In A City Art Gallery Recently, Something That He Confessed That" I Had Not Even Dreamed" . Visibly Exalted By His First Photographic Exhibition, Nirmal Says:" I'm Not A Trained Photographer" . I Just Took These Pictures For The Pure Love Of Photography. I Had Never Imagined That They Would Be Displayed In An Art Gallery In My City. So, For Me, This Is Very, Very Exciting!"

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True to the title of the collection, ‘Le Voyage: an exciting photo journey through Afghanistan ’, Nirmal’s pictures offer some fascinating insights into the everyday lives of the Afghans — the market places laden with vegetables & spices, the strenuous yet colourful lives of the farmers in the arid landscapes, their eating habits, their modes of entertainment, et al. “My primary aim was to present a picture of Afghanistan that is a total opposite of the general perception of the country — that it’s all about war, insurgency & bombings. I wanted people to look beyond all of that & see it for what it is — it’s a country with great history; stunning landscapes; & beautiful people who are filled with a sense of brotherhood. That’s what I have tried to show through my pictures,” says the 45-year old.

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So, did he not come across the other grim reality of the war-stricken Afghanistan even once? “Well, I did. I experienced death from close quarters once, that too during my very first week in Kabul . There was a bombing near the guest house I was staying at. It startled me — the thick black smoke, the chaos... But thankfully, that was the only time I experienced something like that during my entire stay,” says Nirmal, adding, “I developed quite a rapport with the locals & made memories that will stay with me forever.”

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Originally from Odisha, Nirmal, who comes from a family of farmers always harboured a dream to do something for the farming community. That’s how he began working on agricultural projects with various NGOs & landed an assignment in Kabul in 2009. “My job there was to help Afghani farmers increase their crop productivity & facilitate their sales in the European market. I worked in the Northern provinces till 2011, & went back again in 2014 , TO work in the Southern provinces bordering Pakistan till 2017,” says Nirmal.

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He Reports That Afghans Share Many Similarities With The Indians." The Majority Speak The Dari Dialect, Which Is A Mixture Of Hindi And Urdu. They Are Also Great Fans Of Bollywood Movies, Especially The Actor's Dilip Kumar & Shahrukh Khan - And Hence, Are Quite Familiar With Our Culture. We Often Bonded Over Bollywood Films," Says Nirmal, Who Is Also Planning To Do A Travelogue On South East Asia, Where He Is Headed For Work Next.

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