El aviso the Infibeam Avenues no es exacto, dice el auditor SRBC

MUMBAI: Three Days After The Electronic Trading Company. Avenues Infibeam Sent A Notice For An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) For The Elimination Of SRBC & Co As Joint Statutory Auditors Of The Company, The Jury Account Censor The Firm Said That The Notice Did Not Accurately Represent The Way Of Communication Between The Company And The Auditor.

SRBC, Part Of The Global Major Ernst & Young, Also Insisted On A Third-party Audit in the matter. On May 5, Infibeam informed the exchanges that it was removing SRBC as a joint Audit or for the company, subject to regulatory and shareholder approvals, for sharing unpublished price sensitive information (UPSI). It also sent EGM notice to its shareholders for their approval for the same.

In the explanatory notes, the company said that some of the people from SRBC engaged in the Audit of Infibeam's accounts had sent UPSI to people who do not qualify as an 'insider' under the laws.