Recibieron un indicio de China de que quieren trabajar and un acuerdo comercial: la Casa Blanca

WASHINGTON: USA UU Received An Indication From China That Beijing Wants To Have A Trade Agreement With USA UU Donald Trump He Threatened To Raise Tariffs On Chinese Imports Worth $ 200 Billion From 10 To 25 Percent.

The 11th Round Of Talks Between China And The USA UU It Is Taking Place Amid Uncertainties About Future Rounds Of Negotiations When Trump Government Officials Accused Beijing Of Keeping Track Of The Agreed Topics In The Previous Conversation Rounds.

" We Have" An Indication That They Want To Make A Deal. Our Teams Are Still Running Tomorrow They Will Sit And We Will See What Happens, Sarah Sanders Said The Journalists.

Responding To Questions About The State Of The Trade Negotiations Between The United States And China, Which Seemed To Have Collapsed This Week After President Trump Announced Sunday That It Would Raise To 25 Percent Of The Tariffs On The Importation Of Chinese Products For A Value From $ 200. Billion

China, As Reaction, Initially Decided Not To Send His Envoy To The United States For Conversations.

But On Tuesday He Said That Deputy Prime Minister Liu He Will Be Heading To Washington DC To Talk With The Americans.

The US Trade Representative UU And Treasury Secretary Alleged That China Was Receding In Its Commitment.

On Wednesday, Trump In A Tweet Alleged That China Believes It Will Negotiate Later After The 2020 Presidential Elections.

The Reason For China's Retreat &theattempttorenegotiatethetradeagreementisthesincerehopethattheywill' Negotiate ' With Joe Biden Or One Of The Weakest Democrats, And Therefore They Continue To Scam The United States (($ 500 Billion A Year)) Over The Next Years ... Trump Alleged.

Guess What, That ' S Will Not Happen! China Has Just Reported That They (the Deputy Prime Minister) Now Come To The United States To Make A Deal. We'll See It, But I'm Very Happy With More Than $ 100 Billion A Year In Tariffs That Fill US Chests UU Trump He Said.

Trump Demands China To Reduce The Trade Deficit Of $ 375 Billion. He Also Asked For Verifiable Measures For The Protection Of Intellectual Property Derechos De Intellectual Property (IPR), Transferencia De Tecnología & Más Acceso A Los Productos Estadounidenses A Los Mercados Chinos.

It Has Already Increased The Tariffs On Chinese Exports Of More Than $ 250 Billion To The United States And Has Threatened To Extend The Tariffs To Chinese Imports From $ 200 Billion To 25 Percent. China Also Imposed Reciprocal Tariffs On Some US Exports To The Country.

Recently, Trump Hinted That Chinese President Xi Jinping Could Visit The United States In June, Which Would Unleash The Speculation That Both Countries Could Reach A Trade Agreement Next Month.

Media Reports Suggest That The Two Parties Are Still Discussing Key Issues On Structural Issues, Such As The US Accusation Of Unjust Subsidies In China, A Mechanism To Verify Compliance And What To Do With The Rates That The Two Already They Have Taxed Mutually ' Goods S