Mahindra Electric expects to double EV sales in FY20 as well

New Delhi, June 4 () Mahindra Electric, a part of the Mahindra group, said on Tuesday it expects to continue the sales drive of the last prosecutor in which it doubled sales due to its focus on electric vehicles for fleet operators and three -winter

The company, which saw electric vehicle sales grow twice and a half to 10,276 units in 2018-19 from 4,026 units in 2017-18, also began to supply EVs to the state EESL for the second phase of a total of 10,000 order of the units.

Last year we have more than doubled (sales) ... The growth rate will not be lower than last year, I do not see it falling this year, Mahindra Electric CEO Mahesh Babu told reporters.

Affirming that the company has been almost doubling its EV sales, he said that growth will continue to be driven through the partnership with smart mobility providers of the new era such as Smart Blu and SmartE, as well as supplies for Energy Efficiency Services Ltd ( EESL).

The strategy for 2019 will be greater in the fleet and three-wheelers, said Babu, adding that the company expects a large part of its three-wheel electric Treo once the problems of registration in several states are resolved.

The central government has already announced that there is no need for permits for electric tricycles, but we are facing some challenges in the states, where we are increasingly working to help us. Once this is done, I believe that the large deployment of three-wheeled vehicles is on our way, he said.

Last year, Mahindra Electric announced a partnership with the operator of the electric vehicle fleet SmartE, under which the latter would deploy a total of 10,000 Mahindra electric three-wheelers throughout India by 2020.

On the other hand, as part of its partnership with Blu Smart, 500 eVerito sedans will be incorporated into the fleet of the latter in March 2020, compared to the current 70.

Commenting on the supply to EESL, Babu said Mahindra Electric has already started supplying its eVerito sedan in the next phase in which it will deliver 50 percent of the remaining order for 9,500 units and the rest will be supplied by rival Tata Motors.

The extraction of EESL (second phase) was carried out, he said, adding that the company has already delivered 500 units with another 500 in process.

In the first phase of the EESL order, Mahindra had supplied 250 units.

The Mahindra group announced last year an investment plan of 1,000 million rupees over a period of three years to improve the manufacturing capacity of electric vehicles to 75,000 units per year from 15,000 units, in addition to strengthening its R u0026 D. In addition, Babu said Mahindra Electric is also developing electric vehicle engines that will be the Ssangyong group's signature in early 2020 and other global partners. RKL RKL MR MR