" And los empates, los policías deben investigar primero antes de la detención"

If Well Mumbai Has Seen A Huge Increase In Crimes Against Women In The Last Six Years: 83% Increase In, 95% Increase In Cases, According To Praja Foundation, Police Say There Is Also An Increase In What They They Call" Technical Violations" . -Requests Derived From Failed Relationships. It's A Gray Zone, They Said, Some Policemen.

A Police Officer Affirmed That Between 60 And 70% Of The Registered Cases In The Western Suburbs Are Women Who Had Presented Charges Of Raping Against Their Ex-Indicting Them To Induce Them To Participate Under The Pretext Of Getting Married. Many Were In A Consensual Relationship For A Time Until Things Became Bitter ... Sometimes, A Woman Can Withdraw The Complaint In The First Five Days Because Her First Intention Is To Scare The Man To Resolve Their Differences. And Sometimes, When A Case Goes On For Years, They Go Back. "

So, In Such Cases, Should The Police Immediately Arrest The Accused? There Are Two Parts: FIR Registration And Then Arrest. Regarding The Registration Of FIR, A Supreme Court Judgment (in The Case Of Lalita Kumari) Clearly Says That If The Complaint Author's Statement Reveals A ' Recognizable Offense ' - A Serious Infringement: The Police Are Required To Register An FIR. Although It Means That The Police Can Arrest Without A Warrant, The Registration Of FIR Does Not Necessarily Imply The Arrest, The Experts Say.

The Police Should Make Arrests Only In Exceptional Cases With Exceptional Purposes To Facilitate Investigation, The Court Decided That Policemen Should Be Warned Against Removing Wives. The SC Has Already Pointed Out That Even In Marital Disputes, Preliminary Investigations Are Allowed Before The Record Of The Offense To Avoid The Unnecessary Victimization Of Persons Allegedly Involved In Such Disputes.

Given The Increase In Such Cases, There Should Be Some Controls And Balances And Even A Change In The Law, Legal Experts Said. Chief Counsel Crime, Amit Desai, Said:" In Cases Where The Alleged Crime Is Very Old And There Are Continuous Relations, Power Arrest Should Be Exercised With Caution And Approval Of Superiors To Guarantee And Avoid Victimization Unnecessary Del Presumed Offender" . # X27; ' The Reason Is That An Arrest Not Only Removes Personal Freedom But It Is A Reason For Stigma For The Person's Reputation, He Said. In Such Cases, The Police Must Conduct An Investigation Before The Arrest To Make Sure It Is Not A False Accusation, Said A Lawyer. Undoubtedly, If The Circumstances Are Quite Clear, The Police Would Be Free To Act, ' ' Desai Said.

Former IPS Official Turned In Lawyer YP Singh Said:" The SC In Joginder Kumar Has Said He Has To Have A Complete Verification Before A Arrest Is Performed" In An Order Of 2017, Judge Mridula Bhatkar Said:" Life And The Defendant's Freedom In View Of The Severity Of Punishment On One Side And Mental Trauma, The Girl's Physical Sufferings On The Other, Should Be Considered Appropriately With A Balanced View.