Russia supplies key components for the Kudankulam plant, completes the fuel supply for Tarapur's N project

NEW DELHI: Rosatom, the Russian state nuclear power corporation, has sent the most essential equipment for unit 4 of Kudankulam, based in Tamil Nadu, from St. Petersburg. In another development, Rosatom's fuel division, TVEL, completed the contract for the supply of fuel pellets for the Tarapur nuclear plant, based in Maharashtra. Rosatom is the main supplier of equipment and fuel for nuclear plants in India.

The pressure vessel of the reactor and the location device of the molten core (called the core receiver or) were sent on a cargo ship from St. Petersburg and the shipment will travel 1,500 km to reach India in January, according to a statement from Rosatom .

Despite the inherent difficulties due to the pressure under which the port is operating at the end of the year, we fulfill our obligations to the client and send the necessary equipment, said Alexander Kvasha, first deputy director of projects in India at ASE, division of Rosatom engineering.

The central receiver, the reactor vessel with internal components and the steam generators are the most essential equipment, critical for the construction of the reactor. It was shipment number 13 of the TN-4 plant unit. CMLD is installed at the bottom of the protective cover of the plants.

It is designed to locate and cool molten core material in the event of an accident that could cause damage to the core. The central receiver allows to preserve the integrity of the protective cover and, therefore, excludes the radioactive emission in the environment, even if the hypothetical accident is serious.

The AEM branch of Rosatom technology has already completed the manufacture of valves for units 3 and 4. The valves are designed to stop, allow or regulate the flow of a process fluid.

In another development, Rosatom's fuel division, TVEL, has completed the contract for the supply of fuel pellets to India for the Tarapur nuclear power plant.

“The Rosatom fuel division is capable of producing nuclear fuel components for all basic types of operational nuclear reactors. TVEL has a long history of fuel pellet supplies to India for non-Russian design reactors, such as BWR and PHWR, which shows that our market offer is competitive and viable both technically and commercially. In case Indian partners are interested, we are committed to fulfilling similar contracts, as well as new projects in the nuclear fuel cycle, ”said Oleg Grigoriyev, Senior Vice President of Commerce and International Business of TVEL.

TVEL also provides shipments of fuel assemblies for Russian-made VVER reactors in the two Kudankulam operating units under the long-term contract with NPCIL. Tarapur, in the Palghar district, is the first commercial nuclear power plant in India that was commissioned in 1969.