Una boda íntima para Yuva Rajkumar

Vinay Rajkumar He Is TO Busy Man In These Days, Who Visits One Movie Star After Another, To Invite Them To The Party Of His Brother Yuva Rajkumar. Wedding TO Sridevi Byrappa. “My mother is inviting everyone from the family and I am inviting people from the film industry,” says Vinay, as he speaks TO us about his younger brother’s Wedding that is set TO take place at Bengaluru’s Palace Grounds at the end of the month.

Festivities are slated TO begin on May 18 at the late Rajkumar’s native village, Gajanur. This will be followed by the traditional Yennai Shastra That Will Take Place In Four Of The Family Residences." Yennai Shastra Se Llevará TO Cabo En Nuestra Casa, La Casa De Shivanna (Shivarajkumar), La Casa De Puneeth (Rajkumar) & La Casa De Mi Tía. Entonces Habrá El Mehendi (at both the bride and bridegroom’s homes), followed by the Wedding and reception,” says Vinay.

The Wedding , he adds, will be an intimate affair, with only family in attendance. Fror the reception, though, everyone from film stars TO politicians have been invited. Is there a theme for the Wedding ? “There is no theme as such. It’s going TO be a simple Wedding ; nothing too grand. Yuva will wear a traditional panche and jubba, and is busy finalising his outfit with designers,” says Vinay.