A falta de oficiales, los militares están listos para hacer atractiva la CSE

NEW DELHI: They Are Now Close To Finishing The Long-awaited Package So That It () Becomes More Attractive For Bright Young People, With Measures Ranging From Awarding A Paid Study License To A Golden Handshake At The End Of Their Mandate From 10 To 14 Years, In The Backdrop Of The Continuing Shortage Of Officials And The Urgent Need For Restructuring The Tables.

Defense Sources Say Proposals Under Completion Include Payments Of A Global Sum Of Approximately 17 Thousand Rupees Each To SSC Officers Leaving After 10 Years Of Service, And Two Months Of Salary Are Counted For Each Year With The Uniform.

In A Similar Manner, A Considerable Payment Of Rs 38 Lakh For The Officers Who Leave The Force After 14 Years, With Two Months Of Salary Per Year During The First 10 Years And Four Months Per Year For The Rest Of The Four Years That They Take Into Account.

SSC Officers May Also Be Sent To Make Sure They Can Complete The 20 Years Of Mandatory Service To Be Eligible For The Pension. Other Proposals Under Review Include A Fully Paid Study License For Professional Courses And The Granting Of Other Benefits, A Source Said.

The Sources Said It Would Be Up To The Next Government To Approve The SSC Package, Which Has Been Working For A Long Time But Never Implemented Until Now. The Armed Forces Eventually Want To Pass A Proportion Of About 1: 1 In Standing Committee Terms (PC) To SSC Officials Of The Existing 4: 1 Former.

This Is Considered Even More Urgent Now Because The Salary And Pension Law Increased, Since Almost 25% Of The Total Defense Budget Was Left For Modernization, As Well As The Growing Discontent Among Personal Computer Officers By The Bad Promotional Avenues. Pyramidal Structure Of The Armed Forces.

If Most Officers Leave After 10 Or 14 Years, It Will Help Prospects Promote PC Officers, As Well As Restrain The Gray Profile Of The Armed Forces. Senior Personnel Officers Are Examining Different Models To Increase The Income Of SSC Officers And To Make Them More Attractive For Them. # X27; Committee, Another Source Said.

Despite The Fact That Their Salaries Increased After The Central Payment Commissions 6 And 7, The Military Officers Also Continue To Be Angry Because They Have Not Been Granted A Non-functional Improvement, Basically Salary Improvements For Those Promotions Denied Due To The Lack Of Vacancies, As The IFS And Others. Organize Group A Civil Services