Judge AK Patnaik will delve into the main judge of 'plot to frame'

(This story originally appeared in on June 4, 2019)

(This article was originally published by The Economic Times on 04/06/2019.)

The retired Supreme Court judge, AK Patnaik, who is investigating whether there was a major conspiracy to frame the President of the Supreme Court of India behind a case brought against him, will deepen the alleged conspiracy before presenting his final report to the court, people familiar with the matter said.

Justice Patnaik, after a preliminary presentation of some specific aspects of the investigation, sought more material on some specific areas of concern that had come to light in the first round of research by the research agencies that assisted him in the task, they said.

The higher court had ordered that the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), the Intelligence Office (IB) and the Central Bureau of Investigation () agree on the investigation. The agencies were asked to specifically take care of all the evidence through mobile call records and other material provided by a young Chandigarh lawyer in support of their claim that the sexual harassment case filed against Gogoi by a former staff member The superior court was part of a larger conspiracy to frame the CJI.

The probe will thus take more time, the sources said. A full report will only be made available to the higher court after the next round of material is available to Judge Patnaik. You are expected to examine this material before finalizing your research report. An internal panel, which included two judges of first instance, Judges Indu Malhotra and Indira Banerjee, has exonerated the CJI for the charge of sexual harassment.