Gaza The death toll on Sunday has risen to 12 in Israeli attacks: Ministry

GAZA CITY: The Toll Of Palestinians Killed In The Gaza Strip Rose To 12 On Sunday, The Health Minister Of The Enclave ', Said Israel Performed A Number Of Strikes In Response To Dozens Of Rockets Fired Through The Hamas-managed Area

The Ministry Said That Three People, Including A Pregnant Woman, Were Killed In Northern Gaza And Two In Southern Gaza, Raising An Earlier Toll Of Seven.

At Least Six Of The Killed Persons Were Confirmed As Militants Associated With The Leaders Of The Palestinian Territory Hamas Or The Allied Islamic Jihad Group.

Three were killed in Israel on Sunday as Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired hundreds of rockets from the enclave, Israel i authorities announced.

Two were Israel is, the army said, with the nationality of the third not announced.

Israel i targets included internal security headquarters in the Palestinian enclave, an interior ministry statement said. The building in Gaza City was destroyed, the statement said.

fire and Israel i strikes continued Sunday evening.