Mumbaikars exercised their vocal cords in this workshop

Recently, music city ​​enthusiasts had the opportunity to register for a western vocal song and free bollywood workshop . It was conducted on May 31, by Elena Friedrich, who heads the western vocal department at a music -training institute. It was followed by a session with Mandar Deshpande, who took participants through the rhythms of Bollywood. The participants were happy to be a part of it.

Entertaining but informative

That was the takeaway for most participants. Sixteen-year-old, Vaishnavi Dalvi, who was a part of the workshop was elated with her experience. She shared, "The workshop helped me understand various perspectives of using your voice." While Jasveer Singh Kalra, a 19-year-old, added,"The workshop was interactive, engaging and fun! Both Ms Elena and Mr Mandar conducted an entertaining workshop , whilst striking a perfect balance with providing information." The fact that it was free, and participants got an opportunity to learn from music industry professionals was just another plus. Twenty-seven-year-old, Moumita Banerjee spoke at length about her experience there. She shared, "Amidst a very hectic work schedule, as is our current habit to glance through social media, I came across this workshop at The True School of Music. Without even thinking twice I enrolled myself for it, and I'm so glad that I did! It was a wonderful experience! The beauty of the workshop lied in the awareness of smaller techniques and aspects of a singer's body, soul and voice that a singer often ignores. Elena for the western vocals and Mandar for the Hindustani vocals, both with their jovial nature and vast knowledge in the field of music , grasped the attention of the large gathering till the end. I'm looking forward to many more such workshop s."