Me result muy divertido cuando la gente me pregunta si tengo peleas de gatas con ananya

Tara Sutaria, Who Was In Lucknow With Co-stars Tiger Shroff And Ananya Pandey To Promote Your Movie ' Student Of The Year 2 ', I Wish I Could Have Seen More Of The City That She Has Heard A Lot Since I Was A Girl." Unfortunately, I Have Not Had The Opportunity To See The City Very Much, But I Have Heard That It Is The City Of The Nawabs. Kebabs And Gardens, I Just Wish We Had More Time To Explore Lucknow, But I Will Definitely Try The Kebabs Before We Go," He Said, And Added:" In Fact, If I Had Had More Time In Lucknow And If It Would Have Been Less Hot, I Would Have Loved To Go Sit Under A Shamiana In One Of The Beautiful Gardens, That's What I've Heard, A Lot About, And Had A Good Picnic Of Lakhnawi Skewers With All The Other Students!" Looking Cool And Elegant In A White Dress, Tara Surprised Us By Saying She Really Loved Traditional Clothes." I Love Wearing Indian Clothes Today, Since We Had These Promotions, I Asked If I Could Wear Something Indo-Western And How I Love It El Blanco, I Decided To Wear This Outfit," She Said, And Added:" In Fact, I'm Still Watching." Sara Ali Khan And Janhvi Kapoor Photograph Online And See That They Also Wear A Lot Of Ethnic Attire" .

Tara Added:" And I Think It's Very Nice, But I Can Speak For Myself And I Love Indian Clothes, They Look Beautiful, Comfortable And Very Elegant, About Us, Many Younger People Who Wear Indian Clothes, I Think It's Very Nice One Is Not Except That Young Actors Are Seeed With This Type Of Clothes, But It Is Good To Bring Back Ethnicity."

 Tara Sutaria   (BCCL/  Aditya  Yadav) Tara Sutaria (BCCL/ Aditya Yadav)

Talking about her debut film Tara says that she wishes her college was just as cool as the one projected in the film. "I wish my college life was as magical as it is in St Teresa. I think we just lucked out that we got to go to college again in this film. My college was nothing like this. In this we have very cute boys such as Tiger Shroff and we get to wear what we want. Rather, we’ve to dress and look stylish all the time and the best is that we hardly study! I would have loved it had my real college been just as cool," says she.

Although New To Bollywood , Tara has already been a lot in news for her friendship with Marjaavaan co-actor Siddharth Malhotra. But the girl says the attention she gets for her alleged love life doesn’t perturb her as much now. "Initially it did rile me a bit but now I feel it goes with the territory. But in a certain way it’s also flattering that people care about me and are talking about me even before my first film is out,” she confessed, adding, “But it can be a little unnecessary at times because I wonder if that is all that people want to know about me. I mean there’s much more to me than just my supposed love life."

A Trained Dancer And Singer, Tara Says She Would Definitely Want To Use Her Talents In Her Forthcoming Films." It Will Be A Shame If I Do Not Carry On With My Singing It's Something I've Always Wanted To Do I Love Acting So Much And I've Got Three Films This Year But I'm Hoping I I Got To Sing In My Third Film," Said The Aspiring Director-producer." I Really Look Forward To Doing It All In Bollywood - To Produce, To Direct And To Act And Sing My Sister And I Have Been Brought Up In Such An Environment That We Have Been Encouraged To Do Whatever Our Hearts Desire And We Have Always Tried To Empower Us And That's Why I Find It Very Funny When People Ask Me If I Have Catfights With Ananya Or Other Actresses Of Our Generation. Things That We've Never Even Thought Of. I Do Not Understand That It's 2019, And If We're Just Talking About These Things, It's Just Very Sad. Forward To Being Able To Promote The Arts As Much As I Can. I Want To Sing More And Definitely Direct At Some Point In My Life," Said Tara, Who Considers Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone And Anushka Sharma As Her Ideals In Bollywood." Actually There Are So Many Role Models In Bollywood. I Really Just Love It When I See Women So Many Different Things So Gracefully And With So Much Strength. We Have Women Actors Directors Writers And Producers. It's An Amazing Time. You Look At Meghna Gulzar , Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar, they’re all so talented. It’s wonderful now with women. In fact, I think it’s exciting to be a woman these days in our line of work," said Tara with a beaming smile.