The I&B min fund cut, but not yet used, is won by the Chamber panel rap

NEW DELHI: The parliamentary position on information technology has lifted the ministry of information and dissemination by underutilization of the funds allocated to it in the last two years.

The committee, headed by Lok sabha Parliamentarian Shashi Tharoor presented his second report on 'subsidy demands (2019-2020)' from the I&B ministry and noted that the ministry's budget estimates were, in many cases, reduced in its revised estimates, and remained underutilized even after The reduction.

The report, tabled in Lok sabha on December 12, said while the ministry had identified key thrust areas and proposed an outlay of Rs 1,068 crore for central sector schemes for 2019-20, it was downsized by the finance ministry to Rs 900 crore. “The committee finds that the financial performance of the ministry during the current fiscal year so far does not well. The utilisation of funds in respect of the schemes under and film sector is far below the targets,” the report said. Prasar Bharati could only spend Rs 27 crore (5.6%) of allocated Rs 473 crore, till July 2019. The film sector spent Rs 17 crore of the Rs 156 crore budget.

The fact that the government has not used the funds allocated to implement central sector schemes (CSS) in the Northeast region generated the anger of the panel, which said it had observed zero spending even after budget estimates to implement CSS in the NE region in 2017-18 were reduced at the stage of revised estimates.