Quad objetivos y ndash; Compras, comida, y ahora, musica and el aeropuerto de Bengaluru

That He Playground At Kempegowda International Airport is turning into a hotspot for shoppers and food lovers in Bengaluru as well as for those travelling to and from the city is old news. What’s new is that this lounge has now started to offer a taste of music to its visitors. Located right outside the main terminal building, the Playground — which already houses several food stalls and souvenir outlets within its elegant ambience — conducted its first-ever music concert over the weekend. The two city bands that performed on Saturday night were Thaalavattam and Mad Orange Fireworks. They performed as part of an arts initiative, called The Rhythm Sessions, that features two gigs a month on Saturdays — the next one being slated for May 18.

" It's Like A Tribute To Street Art and street performances,” says Meghna Vakada, the curator of the project, adding, “I feel Bengaluru needs more arts and culture spaces, and the Playground offers a vibrant atmosphere, which can attract people of all age groups to hang out here.”

A Cool Place To Spend The Time With Friends

The bands played both original songs and covers for the crowd. “You don’t have to come here just to catch flights. Since the Playground is open 24 hours, I usually drive down from Hebbal With My Friends Just To Have A Good Time. Events Like This Should Take Place More Often," Says Arjun Jain, A Computer Engineer.

Making The Wait Pay The Penalty

“I was exiting the airport, and was on my way to get a cab, when I heard one of my favourite songs by Sting being played At Playground . I stayed back and watched the entire performance,” says Maya Varma, a lawyer, adding, “I’m really happy that the city is inculcating this kind of culture. It adds to the essence of the city I call home.” Meanwhile, Ruchi Sagar, a chartered accountant, says that it is a fun way to kill the extra hours if you’re early for your flight.

Great Way To Welcome People To Our City.

“I have travelled to so many countries, but I have never seen live music being performed at an airport venue. And to play at one was a great experience. If you’re landing here from a different place, and you have a band playing At arrival, people will go ‘wow’. It’s a very nice way to welcome visitors using art and music, and it should happen more often,” says Montry Manuel, of the Thaalavattam band.

The future of the Playground

According To An International Airport Bangalore Limited ( BIAL ) spokesperson, the Playground by BLR is just getting started on its journey to become a social hub. The international feel, the live music and the relaxed atmosphere are all factors that separate the Playground from its competition. “ BIAL has recently started live events that have been met with a lot of success, attracting not only passengers, but also people from the city. As of now, we are only focused on music events. Over a period of time, and based on customer feedback, we will curate different types of events that cater to varied audiences. The goal is to encourage people from everywhere to come and enjoy themselves At Playground , without the pressure of having to buy a ticket. Anyone who has ever complained that going to the airport is boring can now have their wildest dreams come true with the happening scene here,” the spokesperson sums up.

- Ananya Shankar And Maneesh Venkatesh