The Naib of Afghanistan says that the rain could be a boost for the World Cup against Sri Lanka

CARDIFF: captain of Afghanistan Gulbadin Naib He has reduced the threat of weather before his World Cup match against Sri Lanka on Tuesday, saying that a rain-shortened game would suit his aggressive side.

Forecasts predict a persistent rain in Cardiff, which could wreak havoc with Afghanistan's attempt to win its first victory in this year's tournament.

Naib's team received a harsh lesson from Australian starters, who scored a seven-player victory in the opening game for both teams at Bristol on Saturday.

But Naib believes that his team has more chances of success against Sri Lanka, who beat 91 races in the Asian Cup last year in the United Arab Emirates, if the contest is reduced from the 50 surpluses scheduled due to the weather.

Asked Monday if he was concerned about the rain that dislodged the hopes of Afghanistan, Naib told reporters: It was also predicted for today, but it did not rain much.

Tomorrow we only see what time it is. I think maybe the weather will be the same. So, if we can reduce the excesses, it will be much better for us.

Despite the loss to Australia, Naib says Afghanistan was encouraged by his performance and hopes to take advantage of that in the Sri Lankan game.

We have to be positive. If you look, we lost 12 kills in the previous game, but we got more than 200 points, Naib said.

If you have windows in your hand, then maybe the score is more than 300.

Sri Lanka was fired by an insignificant 136 by New Zealand in its first World Cup game in Cardiff and Naib plans to take advantage of those batting weaknesses.

I saw the Sri Lankans play on television. They lost some games in the last two years and are fighting in one day matches, he said.

Yes, we have the opportunity to do well against them, added the captain, whose team lost to Sri Lanka in the 2015 World Cup.

But they are also a good team and we can not take it easy. We can try to get a great score. If we play 50 shots, it may be difficult for them.

Naib also stated that bowler Hamid Hassan was facing Sri Lanka.

Hassan was hit by the ball (in the last game) but it feels good, he said.