Indian Olive Association optimistic about future growth

NEW DELHI: Indian Olive Association (IOA) concluded its annual public session 2019 that focused mainly on the evolution olive oil from being a gourmet oil to becoming a regular in the Indian kitchen. The platform brought together experts from across the globe under one roof to discuss the reach of olive oil and to encourage its growth in the country.

"People often carry the misconception of olive oil being a luxury or that its not suited to Indian food, which stands invalid, considering the fact that the oil has found a place in several Indian kitchens. With the panel discussion, we conveyed a message of the product being accessible and affordable for all. With the event concluding fruitfully, we hope that we are able to catalyse the growth of the olive oil industry and cater to every family with a healthier, fitter lifestyle," IOA vice president Akshay Modi said.

Other industry panelists include IOA President Rahul Upadhyay, renowned restaurateurs, chefs, nutritionists, food researchers and biologists, entrepreneurs, retailers, food, health and fitness experts.

IOA, the top body for olive oil in India, is affiliating with olive oil producers, growers, distributors, importers, users and consumers in India. It aims to encourage people to opt for the healthier choice as they choose olive oil for a fitter lifestyle.