Irán reviewed sus promesas nucleares, pero no llega a violar el pacto

LONDON: I Ran He Announced Wednesday That He Was Reducing The Restrictions On His Nuclear Program, Announcing Steps That Do Not Breach His 2015 Agreement With The World Powers For Now, But Threaten More Actions If The Countries Do Not Protect It.

A year to the day after Washington pulled out of the , President announced changes that experts said appeared calibrated to ensure I Ran avoids triggering the deal's mechanism to punish it for violations, at least for now. "For now, nothing changes, but this could be a ticking time bomb," a European diplomat said.

The main new measure that takes effect now would have limited practical impact: a halt to sales of enriched uranium and heavy water to other countries. The deal allows such sales so I Ran can keep reducing its stockpiles below maximum thresholds, but Washington already effectively barred the sales with a sanctions move last week. For now, I Ran 's stockpile of enriched uranium is still well below the deal's cap and heavy water is less sensitive.

Rouhani also threatened that in 60 days I Ran would resume enrichment of uranium beyond the low purity - suitable for civilian nuclear power generation - allowed under the deal, unless the five other powers signed up to it found a way to protect I Ran 's oil and banking industries from US sanctions.

"If the five countries came to the negotiating table and we reached an agreement, and if they could protect our interests in the oil and banking sectors, we will go back to square one," Rouhani said. "The I Ran ian people and the world should know that today is not the end of the JCPOA," he said, using the acronym for the nuclear deal. "These are actions in line with the JCPOA."

Secretary Of State Of The United States Of America Mike Pompeo , in London, said America "will wait and observe" what I Ran does next.

The was signed between I Ran , Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany and the US, before President Donald Trump took office. I Ran agreed to limits on its nuclear programme in return for the lifting of sanctions. Washington's European allies opposed Trump's decision to pull out.

From this month, Washington has effectively ordered countries worldwide to stop buying I Ran ian oil or face sanctions of their own. The Trump government has revoked waivers that had allowed some countries to continue buying I Ran ian oil and it aims to reduce I Ran ian crude exports to zero. The looming ban is likely to increase economic hardship for I Ran 's 80 million people.