Investigá la estafa de datos de Modi Govt después de ser votado para el poder: Congreso

NEW DELHI: Wednesday Released A New Assault A BJP On The Back Of A Report Of The National Organization Of Sampling Surveys That Pointers The Gaps In The GDP Numbers Of India, And Said That Macroeconomic Indicators Have Confirmed That The Indian Economy Has Engaged In A" Disastrous Deceleration Phase" .

Former Finance Minister P Criticized Prime Minister Modi And Minister Of The Union Arun Jaitley For Their Failures And Accused Jaitley Of Perfecting The Art Of" Concealing" Data And Projecting" Doctored" Information." The Finance Ministry ' S Report Is A Damning Indictment Of The State Of The Economy In The Country. This Is Perhaps The Weakest Point In The Economy," He Said, Adding That The Next Government Has A Lot Of Work To Repair The Economy To Which The BJP Has Done" Great Damage" .

" The NSSO Made A Big Hole In The GDP Series Of The Central Bureau Of Statistics (CSO). It Turns Out That The MCA Data Is Full Of False Facts And Is Full Of Companies That Do Not Exist Or Can Not Be Tracked. That's The Kind Of Deception And Swagger That Modi's Government Has Perpetuated," Chidambaram Said.

" The Way In Which GDP Data Are Generated Is Not More Than A Scandal. Once Our Government Pledges, There Should Be An Independent Investigation On This," Congress Leader Ahmed Patel Said.

Chidambaram Also Said That There Is No Single Parameter That Shows That The Economy Is In Good Shape, Adding That Private Spending, Public Spending And Fixed Investment Rates Have Also Decreased In The Last Five Years." With Every Day That Happens, While Modi Delivers Himself To A Vidal Rhetoric, The Minister Of Finance Blogs The Bad Attempts To Rationalize That Language. Between The Rhetoric And The Blogs, This Government Has Forgotten The Economy. The Next Government Has The Huge Task To Reactivate The Economy. Fortunately, The Congress Party Is Ready To Drive The Indian Economy Out Of The Modi-Jaitley Crisis," He Said.

Alleging That Political Leadership Has" Interfered" And" Intimidated" The Central Bureau Of Statistics (CSO) And The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), The Congress Also Said It Will Investigate, If It Is Voted To Power, The" Scam" In The One That Was CSO. Complicit In Removing False Data.